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Steps That You Need to Follow to Get Your Website Up and Running with a Web Host...
By : Juan Figuerora

There are couple steps that you need to follow to get your website up and running with a web hosting company. First you need to find a domain name for your website.

*Domain Name - The Name that you use for your website. Ex:

*Web Hosting - With this service people are able to see your website. Web Hosting is where you host your site.

A domain name is the name that you use when people visit your page ( that's my domain name. Once you have your domain name in mind then some of the cheap web hosting companies will allow you to get a domain name for free if you buy a web hosting package from them but If you don't want to get the domain name from the web hosting company then you can go to and buy your domain name from them. Don't include http:// or www when you are registering your domain name.

After you get your domain name register and if you still don't have a web hosting company then you need to start looking for cheap web hosting packages. One thing that you need to have in mind is that it doesn't matter if the hosting package is cheap or not the main thing you have to look for it, is the programming language that the web hosting supports. Some of them support more than one programming language but others support only one. So try to find first the web hosting companies that have the programming language that you are going to use and then look for how cheap are the web hosting packages.



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