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Is Your Domain Name a Sitting Lottery Ticket?
By : Dayne Herren

At the end of 2003, the domain sold for 1.3 Million Dollars. And
this lucky domain name investor originally paid $15,000 for it in 1997.

Not a bad investment huh?

Let me make one single point, the domain market is a lucrative one. Domain
names are sold and bought daily for big money. The Internet is only in its
infancy so owning a great domain name is like owning a nice piece of real

Domain names are the “real estate” of the superhighway.

So are you one of the lucky people that own several domain names? You may
be sitting on a winning lottery ticket.

Here are a few main characteristics of valuable domain names:

* Usually single word .com’s are worth big money. Why? Because they get natural
type in traffic. If you owned and put up some advertising links or affiliate
products related to men, you could make a nice income by doing nothing. You wouldn’t
even have to promote it.

* 2-3 Letter .com’s are also worth lots of money. Why? Because for one they are all taken and secondly big companies will usually seek them out if it is an acronym of their company.
Having a short, memorable domain name is key for people to remember it. And 2-3 letters is

* Typo domains of popular, well established companies. Although, if you own one of these, the big company may come knocking at your door to ask you to turn it over. For example, if you owned (note the extra “o”), Google could get the name because it is trademarked and it is too close to the original website name. In this case, owns,

If you want to find out the true value of your domain name, you can use different domain appraisal services. One of the best is For a very low price, they will give you a detailed report and let you know if you are sitting on that lucky lottery ticket.

In some cases, names you don’t think are worth much...are. It all comes down to how important the name is to somebody.

The domain name business is a lucrative one and there are still great names out there. It just takes some looking and also a creative mind to think ahead of what will be popular.



About the Author :
Is Your Domain Worth THOUSANDS?

D. Herren is an author, webmaster and freelance writer.

Copyright © 2006 - All Rights Reserved