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How to Feed the Spiders and Grab the Top Spots
By : Jim Green

Over the years I have created 24 fully operational websites and as an experiment this evening (30 November 2005) I did a progress check on the very first site I ever launched:

5 years on and here is how this site is ranking today on the top six major search engines:

Google No.1
Yahoo! No.2
MSN No.1
AOL No.1
AltaVista No.2
AllTheWeb No.2

Using the keyword phrase "writing for profit" check out for yourself the veracity of these rankings.

Do it now; prove the power of feeding the spiders and grabbing the top spots.

How do I manage to do that?

How do I manage to sustain top rankings for a 5 year-old website when almost every other site fails to achieve even ONE Top 30 ranking after years of trying?

How do I not only achieve Rankings 1 & 2 on the major search engines but also manage to maintain these top spots 5 years on?

The secret lies in researching what the spiders want to see and gobble up when they visit your website.

And that is exactly what this system does; feeds the spiders and snares them into grabbing the top spots for my sites.

It did not happen overnight; it took hundreds of hours of burning the midnight oil before this system was perfected and converted into a technique that works irrespective of the ever-changing search engine vagaries.

It works for me because it not only feeds the spiders; it feeds them with precisely what they like to eat -- and the proof of the pudding is that ALL of my 24 websites have Top 10 rankings for their core keywords.

Is this system easy to understand?


Is implementation just as easy?


There are no free rides on the cyberspace roller coaster and if you want to succeed, you have to work at it.

This is a complete turnkey system, not optimization software, and it is not for everyone.

It works for me because I work for it, consistently, contentedly, and in the process reap the rewards of top rankings for all of my websites.

If you would like to learn more about the system I use to feed the spiders you might want to visit the website address featured in the resource box below.



About the Author :
Jim Green is an online entrepreneur and established author with an ever-growing string of niche bestselling non-fiction titles to his credit.

Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved